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Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 14:22:36 EST 2013

Hi Julie,

Don't fret that you may have caused Treacle's injury by putting him onto
his back to clear his impaction. This is unlikely and it has to be done. I
have to do this for my Polo twice a day, and, if I am home, I give him an
extra empty during the day. It is amazing how much can build up in a short
time. If you are having trouble getting the lump out ( and  sometimes it
can be rather solid ) try smearing some Vaseline around the edge of the sac
before removing the lump.

I have followed Peter's advice regarding sudden onset paralysis and have
been successful each time. The calcium treatment only works with this
particular kind of paralysis, however, and is usually seen first thing in
the morning. It is vital that Vitamin D is given at the same time as the
calcium and I keep a bottle of Osteocare in the piggy medicine box in case
of such an emergency. If you can buy Osteocare, the dose is 1ml. daily for
the first two days and then 0.5ml daily for a few more days.

In England, it comes in a 200ml. bottle and is made by Vitabiotics. It is
liquid calcium with magnesium, zinc and the all important Vit D. It is sold
in pharmacies and supermarkets here.

Treacle may well have injured himself running around and, with the aid of
painkillers, he may start walking on his own when he feels better. Years
ago, I remember my Little Treasure being unable to walk and he had ( I
believe ) a cortisone injection at the vets and recovered quickly.

I would see how he goes on before going to the expense of an X-ray.  A
piggy in pain will not want to eat so, if he is wolfing down his grass,
that's a good sign. Did the vet give you any painkiller to bring home? If
not, Treacle can have children's liquid ibuprofen ( called Nurofen in
England ) 0.4ml twice a day by syringe. This in an anti inflammatory as
well an an analgesic.

He could be suffering from arthritis and this can be managed. Your vet
should be able to tell if he has this without the need for an X-ray. My
Rodentologists can tell just by feeling the bones. I have given arthritic
piggies Potter's Tabritis tablets and the improvement has to be seen to be

Even a paralysed piggy can have a good quality of life. My dear old Rolo
could not walk for the last year of his life but he was such a happy piggy
and loved his food and chatting to his friends. A disability is not as
keenly felt by little piggies as it would be by ourselves. They are ways
around paralysis that can keep a piggy comfortable so do not hesitate to
post if you want some advice.

Stay beside him when he is eating. He obviously loves your company and you
will be able to monitor what he is eating. The more he eats, the better he
will feel.

I am sorry about the environment in which you live. All those dangerous
creatures outside!. I think I'd stay indoors.

Sending Treacle our best wishes and hugs for a good recovery.

Take care, Julie.

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

Our usual disclaimer applies. No veterinary training but a lifetime of
experience caring for very many piggies.

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