[Gpdd] OFF TOPIC - Storms in US

Sandra Oliver-Poore warmbreath at comcast.net
Wed Nov 20 06:33:46 EST 2013

Penny answered you answered you note she wants Vit D given ASAP with the Vit
C.  Also I recommend treatment with ivermectin and Panacur to cure a certain
type of parasite that damages spinal cord.  Otseocare is just a mix of Vit C
and Vit D with other minerals, its important but if you don't have it at
least get the Vit D and C ASAP and then get the Otseocare


If he is impacted you can loosen it with a bath too, and any kind of edible
oil worked around the mass.  Maybe he isn't getting enough water as it
sounds like constipation.  Or it could be that nerve damage making it hard
to move food through his gut properly.  So when you treat the paralysis
maybe the impaction may get better.  Be sure to wear gloves in case he has
the parasites. Be sure to let me know what happens and how he's doing.

I consider Penny's knowledge much superior to mine


God luck to both of you, We are always with you in spirit

Love Sandy




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