[Gpdd] HEALTH : Treacle

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 19:04:17 EST 2013


It takes quite a while for any post to go through the system and the time
difference doesn't help.I receive my posts as individual items instead of
waiting for the GPDD bundle but these still have to be approved by the
Moderators and usually come in during my night and are waiting in my Inbox
in my morning so an instant reply is impossible.

If Treacle's paralysis is spreading to his right front leg, it is unlikely
to be the sudden onset paralysis. Peter used to say that he only ever saw
this in either the back legs or the front legs but not both. I've only seen
it in hind legs but I have not seen as many piggies as Peter did.

You cannot give too much Vit C as any excess is only excreted and a lack of
this vitamin can certainly cause paralysis amongst other problems but if
Treacle normally eats lots of good veggies, he should not have come down
with scurvy.

Keep giving Treacle pain relief. You might have to syringe feed him too. I
know that you have done this before and he needs to keep up his strength.

It seems like another trip to the vets will be necessary.

All the best. Paws crossed.

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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