[Gpdd] ANNOUNCE Another new Piggyfriend

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 13:15:02 EST 2013

I am delighted to announce that there is another new Piggyfriend and this
one is very new. He was born on October 9th.

My son, who works at the animal shelter. has two colleagues who are keen
entrants in guinea pig shows and have won many prizes. They have,
unfortunately, started breeding from their winners to perpetuate the lines
and you may remember that this is how Roisin and Niamh came to be

Another litter of hopeful show piggies produced a tiny runt. After being
weaned, he could not continue to live with his brother in case he nibbled
his coat, thus rendering him unsuitable for showing. This litter are little
Peruvians and have to have their coats intact to win prizes at shows. Have
you ever seen show Peruvians with their long coats all brushed out in a
circle with their hair hanging all over their little faces? Their coats
have to be rolled up out of the way for everyday life and need to be
brushed out for shows.

Not knowing what to do with this little fellow, they asked my son if I
would take him in. Of course I would and I went to collect him on Thursday.

He is the dearest little piggy with tricolour hair going all over the place
and looks just like a little pompon. I have seen newborn piggies bigger
than he is but I hope that, with lots of good food and an enormous amount
of love, he will grow somewhat bigger. He is much too tiny to introduce to
a big boar so he has his own home in the sitting room, where he can be kept
warmer. He eats up well, preferring grass and celery leaves above all other
food and likes to get his nose into the dry food bowl. He will only eat
cucumber if I shred it and hand feed it but I don't mind as we get extra
cuddle time this way. I was concerned that he might not be eating enough
but he confounded me by leaving a neat pile of poo in the corner of his

He lets me pick him up without running away but does not like my birds
singing and lets out a loud "Brrrr" when they start. They live in the next
room but can be quite loud.

They had named him Morsel because he is so tiny but I hope that he will get
a bit bigger so that he can have a companion in due course. I would rather
have taken him with his brother but they decided that he was a potential
show pig. Shame! He has extra hay and a piece of cosy VetBed to keep him
warm but another piggy to snuggle with would have been better.

I have decided to call him Tyrion. Is anyone a Game of Thrones fan? Tyrion
is a dwarf with attitude and is my favourite character in the stories. Even
little people can have a good life full of fun.

I have put a pigture of him on Photobucket together with one of the little
family that came last week.


He is the first piggy on the page and the second one shows, (clockwise from
the top ) Poppy, Max and Cerys. I hope to take some better pigtures of them
all tomorrow together with some more of Roisin and Niamh, who are growing
day by day.

So please welcome little Tyrion. He is related to Roisin and Niamh as their
father, Squirrel, is Tyrion's grandfather. So their mother, :Laura, must be
an Abby as they both resemble Abbies and their coats are not growing. He
might well be related to Otto and Rafferty as they both came from one of
these colleagues as they were not show material either. Who cares! They are
infinitely suitable to be Piggyfriends. "Pigs to love" do not need to be
the perfect colour or have their hair the correct length - they just need
to be piggies.

I am so pleased to read that no-one suffered in the storms.

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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