[Gpdd] MISC Re:just saying hello

Sandra Oliver-Poore warmbreath at comcast.net
Tue Apr 1 05:10:06 EDT 2014

Well In the good news department my Sammy is gaining weight. He's no longer
a bit boney, and now he has padding but still not like the beauteous hinnies
of the Piggyfriend Ladies.  I have been giving him Oxbow Organic Pellets,
second cut timmy or grass hay from KMS Hayloft (on west coast, eastern
Washington), buy 20lb for best shipping cost as it fits in a single price
carton FEDex  carton.  The change is I am giving him more tomatoes and
carrots, berries etc. The higher calorie stuff. Now I fear about diabetes.
How does one know when you have it right?  He's 5 now and his self-red is
tinged with grey at the muzzle. He is happy though, especially when he saw
the pictures of the lovely Lady Velvet, who is about his same age. Sometimes
he and I have a pretend tea party with AR and his little mechanical friends
who are actual iron hamsters (decorated with fur, clothes, and mechanical
tricks and songs). Knock on wood our happiness stretches out.
Happy regards to all and healing to those with little piggy holes in their

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