[Gpdd] MISC. just saying hello, and a big welcome to the new Piggyfriends

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 1 15:03:05 EDT 2014

Penny, thanks so much for your message.  It was nice to have a Digest in 
our mailboxes this morning, wasn't it?  I am behind on my e-mail and 
would like to send a belated big Welcome Home to Lima piggies Lotte and 
Lola!  They are so lovely, and they look identical to me, too.  Such 
pretty girls, and how lucky they are to be Piggyfriends now.

Thanks for your story about how the original Lima came to you and how 
well she made it through her operation.  We're glad the new Lima girls 
are settling in so well, and we know they are very happy to be home.

Hugs to the Piggyfriends.

Cindy, Ethan, and Eddie

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