[Gpdd] Announce: Baci is turning 7

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Sat Apr 5 16:47:52 EDT 2014

On April 12th, my BACI turns 7!  He and his brother TEDDY were surprise babies after
adopting their mom, MACIE, from rescue as a baby herself. 

I did want to share a story about BACI with you.  Several weeks ago, his left eye was
damaged.  It happened overnight and was very upsetting to see.  It looked like it was
pushed into it's socket and was mostly white, with a tiny amount of his brown eyeball showing.
I assumed he hurt his eye on a piece of hay and he didn't seem to be able to see out of it.
It was tearing a lot and I decided to leave it alone.  I would put warm compresses on it and
keep it clean for a few days.  I figured, if it got worse, we'd go to the vet.  Shockingly, it
completely healed on its own and is normal again!  I was reading how WE don't give our
own bodies time to heal ... which is what they are designed to do...and Baci healed on his
own...without a scary trip to the vet.  He is absolutely fine, his eye is completely normal,
and he is active.  He can see again, because when I am on that side of him, he sees me.
I'm amazed.  Has anything like this ever happen with your piggies?

To see BACI's 7th Birthday pigture, email me and I will send it to you.  

Thank you all for being awesome piggy parents.  I am not on the digest as often as I'd 

like so I hope I haven't missed anyone's special or sad days.

Joanne, Baci the Birthday Boy, Sweetie, Sassy and Ellie
Missing my Annie, Abbie, Monkee, Merri, Spicy, Teddy, Macie

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