[Gpdd] [Peter Gurney] The 2014 List of Lights

Audrey Binder agbmcmd at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 26 13:33:23 EDT 2014

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, and Gentlepigs,
For those who missed the first posting of the list of the "Lights that Went Around the World", here it is again.  Please check for your location, and if I missed it, just send me an email or a post to the GPDD, and I'll add you to the list.  So here is our 2014 list of lights:
*_ Australia_*
Croydon, Victoria, Australia

East Sussex, S.E. England

Guildford, Surrey, England

Letchworth, Garden City, England

North London, U.K.


Berlin (3)


*_The Netherlands_*



The Hague

*_Middle East_*

Ammen, Jordan


Regina, Saskatchewan


*_South America_*

Lima, Peru

*_United States_*

Arizona, Phoenix

California, Santa Clara

California, Santa Clarita

California, Walnut Creek

Colorado, Colorado Springs

Connecticut, Greenwich

Florida, New Smyrna Beach

Florida, Tampa

Florida, West Palm Beach

Georgia, Acworth

Hawaii, Hilo, Big Island

Hawaii, Maui

Idaho, Moscow

Illinois, Joliet

Illinois, Springfield

Illinois, Wheeling

Indiana, Michawaka

Iowa, Des Moines

Maryland, Burtonsville

Maryland, District Heights

Maryland, Jefferson

Maryland, North Potomac

Maryland, Ocean City

Maryland, Silver Spring (2)

Maryland, Towson

Massachusetts, Salem

Michigan, Rochester Hills

Missouri, ??

New Jersey, Emerson

New Jersey, Princeton

New Mexico, Roswell

New York, Long Island

New York, Mahopac

North Carolina, Charlotte

North Carolina, Greenville

Oklahoma, Lawton

Oregon, Salem

Pennsylvania, New Bloomfield

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

South Carolina, Charleston

South Carolina, Lancaster

Texas, Perryton

Virginia, Hampton

Virginia, Herndon

Virginia, Newport News

Virginia, Round Hill

Virginia, Springfield

Wyoming, Kemmerer

Wyoming, Laramie

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