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Ellen Garrison guineamom88 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 6 08:07:29 EST 2014

Hi everyone,
Apologies for not being able to post more than I have, I am super busy and just don't have as much time.  Work has been weird and crazy but, oh well, they say that place is haunted anyway so, go figure. 
Corrine I am sorry for your losses of Bedlington and Wheeksie. You are a very good piggie mom, so please remember this. Sandy hope you can get online easier soon.
I saw Penny's new piglets on photobucket how adorable they are! Also, Jamie's baby Cody, such a little sweetheart.  
Condolences to all the slaves of piggies and hamsters, cats, etc., who have gone to the bridge as of late. I offer comfort altho virtual only. It always made me feel better to know that you all care so much on the GPDD. I do also hope all are staying warm in the cold Northern hemisphere. 
Aside from my pigs and chins inside, there are several feral cats, fixed, in colonies outside that I assist with. I will write of that in another post. 
Much love and peace to all in the new year. 

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