[Gpdd] [HEALTH] Eddie has bladder stones

Ann Evans ann.evans at hintlink.com
Sun Jan 12 14:08:41 EST 2014

Dear Cindy, You can do everything correctly and your piggy can still 
develop stones. Luckily your vet has done stone surgery before. At my 
website is the surgical protocol that the CCT uses for bladder surgery.
Further down on the page is a treatment protocol for Stone pigs. These 
are the most important points for you and your vet to consider.  Only 
use Rimadyl for post and pre-op pain relief and isoflurane for 
anesthesia. The bladder and urethra must be flushed out during surgery. 
Most new stone development is due to inflammation of the bladder and it 
not being thoroughly flushed out. Long term anti inflammatory medicine 
should be given for the first 4 weeks. CCT uses rimadyl for first 10 
days then 8mg Ibuprofen twice a day. You can use Childrens DYE FREE 
Advil which is ibuprofen 20mg/ml. The dose is orally 0.4ml twice a day. 
Also give orally 0.2ml/ml of hydrangea root extract daily for the rest 
of the piggys life. On my web site under stone pigs it also talks about 
giving Rowatinex. I used 0.1ml/day for a year. I have found that using 
the hydrangea and the massage pad daily even if you just put your piggy 
on it for 20 minutes at speed 5 once a day is far more important in 
preventing further stone formation than the Rowatinex.Do not use the 
massage pad until the incision has healed. It must be a Niagara massage 
pad. Other people use Chanca powder from Galens garden to prevent stones.
Others have found that giving shilintong tablets daily have prevented 
new stone formation. Artificial dyes have been shown to cause stones in 
guinea pigs. Check that everything you feed your piggys or allow them to 
chew on does not have artificial dyes. Just like humans piggys can be 
genetically prone to getting stones. If Eddie is not a good drinker 
syringe him 40ml of ro water/day.
I am not a vet. I volunteer as a consulting rodentologist to Drs. 
Danielson and Saleh D.V.M. of Ehrlich Animal Hospital Tampa, Florida.


Ann and the Rescued Piggys of Piggyville, Tampa Florida USA

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