[Gpdd] (Gpdd) (Fenbendazole suspension 10%) (Dose is 0.1 mL per pig!)

Ellen Garrison guineamom88 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 15 00:28:07 EST 2014

I guess I'm just losing my mind.  I found the email Ann Evans (thank you Ann!) had sent me back in summer of last year. Although someone will most likely confirm the dose, I have carefully mapped that it is indeed 0.1 mL, and NOT 0.01 mL --in fact I remember going over this with Ann once before.  Please forgive me, since I am not a vet, nor a vet tech, nor a scientist, and not a rodentologist.  I am only a mere layperson who loves all animals...
I recall that fenbendazole is not as dangerous or volatile, as the likes of ivermectin or ivomec is when it comes to dosages for cavies (guinea pigs) and chinchillas.  
I will consult the book I purchased from the British Association of Rodentologists (BAR) which is at home, before I state anything more on dosages here, because there is a chart in that wonderful book, and it states the dosages of ivomec and panacur (similar to fenbendazole) for not only guinea pigs, but also chinchillas, rabbits, and I believe perhaps another species...rats or hedgehogs, and I may be wrong about that but I do recall it has doses for the first three mentioned species.

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