[Gpdd] [HEALTH] (Goat Fenbendazole) (Dosage) and Dose

Ann Evans ann.evans at hintlink.com
Wed Jan 15 15:10:21 EST 2014

Dear GPDD Family,
  I am putting on my pharmaceutical scientist hat here. The words dose 
and dosage are often used even by me as is they are interchangeable. 
They are not.
Dose is the amount of pharmaceutically active compound to be given at 
one time usually expressed per body weight such as kilogram or per 
patient like one guinea pig.

Dosage is the dose. Its physical form such as a tablet or suspension. 
The route of administration such as orally, Iv, Im, topically. The 
concentration of the product form such as a 100mg tablet or 100mg/ml 
suspension. The amount to be given such as one tablet or 0.1ml. How many 
times it is to be given such as once a day, twice a day for 5 days.

Therefore, the CCT says to worm your guinea pig by giving it a dose of 
10 mg of fenbendazole/guinea pig three months or older.  If the 
fenbendazole that you have is a 100mg/ml suspension then the dosage is 
0.1ml given orally one time.
Mathematically it is 0.1ml times 100mg/ml = 10mg/guinea pig

John Carpenter DVM says that the dose is 20mg/kilo. If your guinea pig 
weighs 1 kilo = 1000grams then you would give 0.2ml of the 100mg/ml oral 
But say your piggy weighs 900 grams. How much of the 100mg/ml suspension 
do you give?
Mathematically 20mg/1000g = Xmg/900g.  Solve for X.  20mg/1000g times 
900g = 18mg
18mg times 100mg/ml = 0.18ml Thus you give a 900 gram guinea pig 0.18ml 
of the 100mg/ml oral suspension of fenbendazole one time.

I hope this dose not cause confusion. But it also shows you that there 
is a range of safe doses of fenbendazole that can be given.
I volunteer as a consulting rodentologist to Drs. Danielson and Saleh 
D.V.M. of Ehrlich Animal Hospital Tampa, Florida.


Ann and the Rescued Piggys of Piggyville, Tampa Florida USA

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