[Gpdd] Health: Lily update

Mieke Staaks pandameisje at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 10:48:14 EST 2014

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies to my previous mails.
We went to the vet today armed with your emails and suggestions.
She did a complete checkup and Lily was absolutely calm and adorable all
through the examination.
The vet did not find anything weird, she listen to and felt all Lily's
organs and all seemed well.
Only thing she did feel was a mass in the middle of her tummy. It was not a
hard or swollen mass or anything, but according to the vet she should not
feel anything special there...
Other than that Lily made a healthy impression.
She suggested we do an echo of the abdomen to see what it is, as an x ray
would only show bonestructure and possible stones, but as the mass did not
feel hard she doubted to find anything with an xray.
She is going to find someone with substantial piggy knowledge to do the
echo if we choose to do this.
She agreed with me cutting a nail short would also get blood, but not
enough for what they would need to run tests on it, they don't have very
advanced equipment to run tests on small amounts. Also she needed good
values to compare Lily's to. She will inform at our countries Animal
hospital/school to see if they can do it with less and if they have a
knowledgable vet to study the results.
Overall she was not that concerned about Lily, but of course loosing weight
is not supposed to happen. She advised me to keep a good eye on her and her
weight and will let me know about the abdominal echo/ultrasound and the
blood test, and costs of these procedures.


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