[Gpdd] Rainbow Bridge: Flower

Anneli Cochrane arcochrane at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 12:38:10 EST 2014

My strong girl Flower lost her battle with the dreaded stones this morning.
I did all I could. Thank you to Ann and everyone who offered treatment
advice, she would not have made it as long as she did without treatment. It
does not same fair that she made it through her hysterectomy and heal
beautifully, only to be taken by this 8 months later. Flower had started to
smell AWFUL, no matter how many times I washed her. In most animals that
usually means the kidneys are shutting down. However, 2 days ago she was
remarkably energetic and was zipping all around during floor time and as
usual, eating like a champ. Yesterday she seemed tired but I was excited
that she didn't smell quite so bad. This morning when I got up I thought
she was already dead, I petted her and she tried to get up and couldn't. I
sat there with her and continued to pet her for a while and say goodbye,
then I put a fleece sack on top of her to keep her warm and want back
downstairs, I knew she was dying. When I came back up a few hours later,
she was gone. Her daughter Clover, and the unstoppable Nutmeg remain in the
cage. Nutmeg is unstoppable because she is at least 6 years old, has
outlived both her daughters, and acts like a 2 year old pig. She is not as
fragile as her 2 Sheltie cagemates. Both boars are as obnoxious as ever,
they don't know that Flower is gone. Thank you again everyone.

Anneli, Clover, Nutmeg, Barney, and Rocky, with Flower in heaven.

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