[Gpdd] HEALTH Hector bladder stone

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 23 16:21:37 EST 2014

Oh, M and the Boys, we are so very sorry to hear that Hector had to have 
a bladder stone removed.  After Eddie's surgery, we had hoped not to 
hear about stones in a piggie for a very, very long time. Eddie thanks 
Hector so much for the hugs, and he sends hugs to Hector in return.  We 
are so glad that the surgery went well, and we hope Hector is being a 
good boy at taking his medicine.

Our Sunshine, who had stones, was blondeand crested, and I wonder about 
a genetic component, too.  Eddie is not blonde but is crested.

Again, thank you for the good wishes, and we send good wishes your way.  
Healing wheeks to Hector.

Cindy, Ethan, and Eddie

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