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Regarding bladder/kidney stones being genetic or hereditary, in cavies.

Rufie was white with brown face, smooth fur. He had an extreme case of kidney/bladder stones. The kidney one was inoperable. He had an infection and lost weight. At the time, I didn't know much about piggy healthcare. He was a very sweet pig. He was humanely euthanized - the vet called me during surgery, to tell me the stone was in his urethra, not bladder. I have wished I had known more in order to care for him better.
My other pig with a stone was Cocoa. He was only 2 and a half. Rufie was about 4.
Cocoa's mom, Sammie, was totally orange, could've been a show piggy. Dad Angel, whom we still have with us, is brown, black, orange. He is near 5 yrs. Cocoa looked like Angel. He was humanely euthanized due to the vet's inexperience. There was nothing the vet could really do, because the vet had already done something wrong, which i don't want to go into, suffice to say i spoke to Ann E. about it. I didn't want Cocoa to suffer any longer. I took him to the vet because he couldn't urinate. 
Cocoa's 2 sisters, since gone to the bridge, Lil Red and Sheila, were both pure orange like their mom, Sammie, long haired, but Lil Red's fur had a 'perm'. I still have his brother, Hina'u, white, black, show quality; and sister, Merary, orange, black, brown, like Cocoa and dad.
Perhaps the parents were related. The cause of genetics applying to a certain piggy color (ie, blonde) to effect a renal stone or disease, may have more to do with inbreeding than coloring. My take on it. I am not a vet!

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