[Gpdd] Rainbow Bridge: Reese

Sandra Oliver-Poore warmbreath at comcast.net
Tue Jan 28 03:24:47 EST 2014

Dearest ME 

 Your story about Reese breaks my heart with both its sweetness of how many
miracles brought him to you and how he rebounded so very well many times and
with the sadness of his final loss.  What a wonderful spirit he must have
had.  I am so glad for your time together with him as every bit seems like
another miracle. Thanks you for rescuing him over and over and for giving
him a fine life, but then, that is your sweet nature.  Reece, Dillon,
Twinkie, and Puffy, running free together in the endless meadows of beloved
hay forever. Your mama and all her friends remember and love you!
Sandy , Sammy, and AR

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