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Ellen Garrison guineamom88 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 28 09:36:09 EST 2014

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Dear ME,
I am so sorry about Reese. I know the heartbreak of saying goodbye and then not seeing your piggy alive again.
That is the same thing I went thru with my Rufie pig. I told him I would see him again and never did. He was my third piggy, and I was terribly attached to him.
Like people here will say, it's so easy to love these little guys and so hard when they (are ready to) go.
You did all that you could for him, and I am sure he
appreciated that and loved you just the same.
It's always hard to lose a piggy, but in time I hope you will remember the good times and the sweet, fun times, and know that -- like my boss said to me a few weeks ago, life goes on, it doesn't stop. The pain may still be there in your heart, from any losses you may have endured, but--  it's like "a burning grief that becomes part of you."
After I lost my niece, Emily, 2 Christmasses ago, I was in a this self-induced catatonic state, where it was hard for me to do anything other than go to work and get groceries and my mail. It took what it took for me to snap out if it. I believe that time does heal all wounds. For me, I had to forgive myself for not being perfect in every way. I am far from it!

My second pig, Gin Gin, was the first to pass on, and I had berated myself in some ways because I had no way to deal with her death. I berated myself with my second pig's passing, Li'l Guy. They have short life spans and we are their gentle giants. I embrace all piggies who i can nurture, which i do now. I realize now, thanks to you here at Gpdd such as Cindy, Sandy, Ann Evans, all of you! We can embrace piggies but in order to do that, there must be a time when we also must let go, and death makes a mockery of life. But life goes on no matter what. There is no such thing as ended-ness. I wish the very best for you and yours, and to all of you.
Aloha, Ellen, piggies Angel, Kaloey, Hina'u, Fiji, Lowell, Merary, Petra, Roxie and Bernie (Bernice), and chinnies Foogleah, ZoeyLee, and Taffy...

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