[Gpdd] [Peter Gurney] Light a Candle on March 9th

Audrey Binder agbmcmd at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 2 15:56:22 EST 2014

Our memorial candle lighting is almost here!  Be a part of our special tradition and light a candle on March 9th, at or around 8:00 pm, in your particular time zone, in memory of Peter Gurney and all of our fur babies and friends (both 2 and 4-footed) who are no longer with us, but are at the Rainbow Bridge.  Peter Gurney was a British author who wrote many of the books on guinea pig care that many of us use.  He is no longer with us, but we like to think that he is at the Rainbow Bridge, looking after all of our pets and friends with him.
We light candles on March 9th (Peter Gurney's birthday) to remember all of our dear friends at the Rainbow Bridge.  As our candles are lit, the light goes through the different time zones, and everyone at the Rainbow Bridge will see our lights and know that we are remembering them with this special act.
To see where the light went in years past, just look at the GPDD web page at http://www.gpdd.org/
Tell others about this special memorial, and ask them to light a candle, too.  Afterward just send a post here, or to me, and I'll let everyone know where all of our candles were lit.  I will be lighting mine for my dear guinea pigs, Gordon and Reese, who are at the Bridge.
(Remembering Gordon and Reese)

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