[Gpdd] ANNOUNCEMENT: Condolences for Hector

Glynis Robson glynisrobson55 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 01:51:18 EST 2014

Dearest M, OH, Spooky and Jim

Onyx and I were gutted to hear that our dear friend Hector had travelled to
the bridge :-(
RIP Hector run free at the bridge, i'm sure by now that Fugly and many of
his friends and fellow agents have greeted him with open paws.  Have fun
munching away on sweet corn silks and carrot tops and have fun popcorning
thru the lush green meadows, you'll be very sadly missed by your devastated
mum, dad and brothers and all at GPDD but NEVER EVER forgotten
Huge Hugs for you all
Another little star now twinkling in the sky :-(

M whee had followed (on my mobile so hard to read, main comp was playing
up, now working again) his op an had our paws crossed.  I only had been
chatting to Onyx about her friends the other day cause of the date and
mentioned HH aka Iron Hamster...... little did whee know what was about to
happen :-'(

Glynis and Onyx (in mem Sully Duke and Velvet) xxxx

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