[Gpdd] MISC: CAPT. JACK: My Beloved Friend and Hero - part two

corrine sakumoto oreochockc at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 4 20:02:33 EST 2014

Capt. Jack would always stand up to say ‘hi’ to us.  He was one friendly little guy!  I loved holding him and looking at his adorably sweet cute face!  He would always say ‘hi’ and greet us and always made us feel loved and important.  Because I would syringe him water regularly, if we went out for more than a few hours, then I would bring him with us, so that I could syringe him his water.  I didn’t want to risk it.

Then, one day, after we’d had him in our lives for a little over three years, he didn’t pee as much.  He still peed but not as much.  I became worried so we brought him to the vet (the one we liked was on vacation so we had to call the so called ‘expert’).  The vet put him on antibiotics and surprisingly when we came home, Capt. Jack was so happy and he seemed to feel really good.  However, we hadn’t given him his medication yet.  So we fed him his dinner and he was as active and normal as always.  Then shortly after we gave him his medication, he began to not look as good.  We brought him back to the vet but the vet said he seems okay but to continue with the antibiotics.  So we did.  Then he stopped peeing altogether.  We called the emergency number for the so called ‘expert vet’, about one hour before they were to open and said that Capt. Jack hadn’t peed in twenty four hours.  The vet said to bring him in and leave him
 there when they opened in an hour then he scolded us saying NOT to call the emergency since this is NOT an emergency!  He felt that we had bothered him over nothing.  So we reluctantly dropped Capt. Jack off at the vet and told the tech he hadn’t peed in twenty four hours and so the tech said they would take a urine sample and analyze it.  We waited a few hours and then called to see how he was doing.  They told us the tech taking care of him had gone off to lunch, this was two hours after opening.  So we called again two hours later and the tech was still on lunch.  We left numerous messages until the tech finally called us a couple of hours after that saying that they were waiting for Capt. Jack to pee!  We got so mad, saying that when we dropped him off we said he hadn’t peed in twenty four hours!  So anyway, they did absolutely zero.  They didn’t do any samples, NOTHING.  Maybe poor Capt. Jack would have been better off at home with

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