[Gpdd] MISC: CAPT. JACK: My Beloved Friend and Hero - part three

corrine sakumoto oreochockc at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 4 20:06:55 EST 2014

Well, he still hadn’t peed overnight, so we were on our way to bring him back the next day, but I quickly stopped at the market first to see if I could get him his favorite veggies, he loooved celery stems, the part that holds the leaves but the markets didn’t have much for the past two weeks.  But when I returned to the car, Michael said, he’s gone.  And I was all frantic, asking what do you mean, he’s gone?  And sure enough, Capt. Jack had passed while in his carrier, sitting on daddy Michael’s lap en route to the vet.

Earlier, he had seemed a little tired, but still alert and active.  I couldn’t figure it out.  How could this happen?  He’s active and full of life one day and a couple of days later, gone?  It doesn’t make any sense.  I was always suspicious because the vet constantly insisted, be sure to keep giving him the antibiotics.  The sick part of my mind kept thinking what did he do? poison him? because he didn’t want to bother treating him?  This vet has zero feelings for our guinea pigs and yet he’s the one every single other vet on the island recommends.  

I lost all three of my male piggies within a span of five months.  How can anyone live after that?  I didn’t want to, I just couldn’t, so I sought to end my life.  I couldn’t take all these terrible losses anymore since we don’t have any competent vets.  I feel so bad because I can’t help them nor get them the help they need.  I don’t have any friends, none.  So I had no one to talk to so yes, I had to see a therapist.  It’s only helped a little.

My dearest Capt. Jack, my sweet little honey, I love you so much!  You brought such joy and heart and love to my life, well, I can’t even begin to thank you for that.  How do you thank someone for brightening up your life? for making you feel loved? for making you feel that you’re the best?  And yet, you did that for me.  I love you so much!  I never thought we’d ever lose you.  I never imagined life without you.  You always said hi to me, you always showed me your sweet happy smiling face.  It’s been horrible to not see that all the time.  I reach out to pet you and well, it’s so sad for me.  I love you, Capt. Jack. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there to hold you when you went.  I’m so sorry.  But please know that my love for you knows no bounds.  You’re welcome to come back at any time, okay?  Love, mommy corrine

Why do I call Capt. Jack my hero?  Because I thought when we welcomed him into our home, that I was rescuing him.  Turns out, all along, he was rescuing me.  With his love and understanding and huge heart.  He gave my life true meaning.  How does one repay that?

We have a rose plant growing in a large pot.  Right after Capt. Jack went, four roses bloomed on the topmost part of the plant.  The unique part, that I had never seen before, is that each rose faced a different direction.  Normally they would face the sun, but each rose was in a different direction.  Always.  When I saw it, I knew it was Capt. Jack letting me know, that no matter where I was, no matter what ‘direction’ I was, that he’d always be with me.  That he was watching over me.  Taking care of me.

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