[Gpdd] [Peter Gurney] Light Your Special Candle at 8pm!

Mark E. Moss markemoss at comcast.net
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	Colorado Springs, Colorado - USA

	My son and I lit a candle for Peter Gurney and Reese and all the
other animals that we have had that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Mark Moss and Son and the remaining 6 Piggy Coders

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Hopefully you are all reading this on March 8th or March 9th, and March 9th
is the day that we all light a candle, at or around 8:00 pm, to be part of
our annual "Light Around the World" Memorial.  This is our annual special
memorial to Peter Gurney and all of our friends (both 2-footed and 4-footed)
who are now at the Rainbow Bridge.

This is our special way to remember our dear friends, and all you need to do
is light a candle at or around 8:00 pm in your paraticular time zone.  As
candles are lit in each time zone, the light will travel around the world to
be seen from the Rainbow Bridge.  Afterward, just post your location here or
to me, and I'll keep a list of all the places where candles were lit, and
let everyone know.

This is our ninth candlelight memorial, and you can see all about our past
memorials on the GPDD home page at: www.gpdd.org

March 9th was Peter Gurney's birthday.  Peter Gurney was a british author
who passed away in 2006.  He wrote many of the books that many of us use.
Please tell others to light a candle too, including other web sites with
people who may want to participate.

So, be sure to light your candle at 8:00 pm!  I will be lighting mine in
memory of my two dear guinea pigs, now at the Rainbow Bridge with Peter
Gurney.  I know he is looking after all of our friends, and they are looking
forward to seeing all of our lights for them.

(Remembering Gordon and Reese)

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