[Gpdd] gpdd (candle lighting) (Peter Gurney, et al)

guineamom88 at yahoo.com guineamom88 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 11:37:10 EDT 2014

Hi everyone,
I lit a candle but it was late. I was late, by two days. I have been too distracted with all that's going around me. Its like i am being lead by my feelings. Cats, people, small animals. Hard to find peace in chaos, yet, "out of chaos, comes order."
I have been desperately following a missing person case here on Maui, and now its reclassified: homicide. And second missing person in the island in Less than a month. 
Sorry but that is what is going on. Now i am trying to comfort the family of this case and, not easy since...you know, our world is nuts.
Now back to changing piggy bedding.
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