[Gpdd] [ANNOUNCE] Violet ( a very very sweet Chinchilla ) has just gone to the Rainbow Bridge

Sandra Oliver-Poore warmbreath at comcast.net
Sat Mar 15 20:02:19 EDT 2014

Dear Mark, I am so sorry about your Violet's passing.  Your comments are so
raw and heartfelt and touching about her little upside down running quirk
and your enduring love for her. I wish I could comfort you in person but
since that can't be, I just offer my whole and complete sympathy and sorrows
and I hope that the Violet sized hole in your heart heals to a tolerable
level.  I am sure she will greet you and your passed chinnies and piggy
coders some far day at the bridge with kisses and hugs.. 
Many condolences and hugs and a bucket of love,
Sandy and Shipwreck Sam, and AR





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