[Gpdd] ANNOUNCE Two New Piggyfriends

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 11:17:12 EDT 2014

A staff member at the animal shelter where my son works was leaving and
someone decided to make a leaving card with a picture of all the staff
holding or leading an animal. Kevin went to fetch a guinea pig to hold and
when he came home, he told me that there were two Lima pigs there. He
doesn't always see the guineas as there is a big rebuild there and the cavy
house has been turned into the small animal house ( rat, hamsters etc. ).
Consequently the piggies are housed wherever there is room for now.

Let me explain about Limas. Many years ago, my piggy Lima was the first
ever Piggyfriend to survive an operation. Vets knew very little about
piggies in those far off days and Lima had to have a big cyst removed. I
left her at the vets with much trepidation, although she was to see a new
vet, who was much more experienced with little ones. Even though, she came
home still asleep from the anaesthetic and I sat up all night with her. At
3 in the morning, she woke up, looked around and started eating the grass
that I had left in front of her. She never looked back and was with us for
many years. Thank you Donald, wherever you are working now.

I had named Lima after the mother of my first ever piggy. The original Lima
was a buff self Peruvian and belonged to the lady who ran our local pet
shop. I always said that if I had a piggy of that colour, I would call her
Lima in her honour. My Lima came with her sister Halley, so called as
Halley's comet was in the sky at that time and she was bright red. You can
tell how long ago that was. Since our miracle piggy Lima passed away, we
have always called piggies of that colour, Lima pigs.

Kevin put a reserved sign on them as soon as he got to work and I went to
collect them later. They are absolutely identical. They were handed in by
someone who showed piggies and these two could have been used for showing
as they are very well behaved, happy to be picked up and loved and good
enough to sit still for photos without running off or needing bribes.

One is said to be 2 years old and the other 11 months so they could be
mother and daughter. The lady at the shelter reckoned that the younger one
has slightly crinklier ears than the other but I am not sure. Have a look
at their photos and see if you can tell the difference. I've put them on
Photobucket. Theirs are the first two pigtures on this page.......


I can't call them both Lima again so I thought of short names beginning
with L. We have had a Lily here before so I have come up with Lotte and
Lola. They can decide for themselves which is which!

They are in lovely condition, even having neat nails (all the same colour )
and have eaten up everything that I have given them so far.

So please welcome these two sweet girls.

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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