[Gpdd] HEALTH UPDATES ON KIMBA, SOOTY & TREACLE - to keep Jaime happy!!

julie johnson juliejohnson12 at bigpond.com
Sat Oct 4 06:39:36 EDT 2014

Dear all, in particular Jaime who is desperate for a posting.


I'm still here.     Kimba is still here (now 6 years & 2 months old); Sooty
is still here (now 5 years and 10 months old); and Treacle is still here
(now 5 years and 9 months old).     They remain my pride and joy.


It has not been easy keeping them all here.   I've had multiple problems
with all my boys; Kimba has had lots of serious health conditions, to the
point of critical, and each time he comes back to me.  Treacle is a
beautiful, gentle, timid boy, and a big piggy (1.4kg), and is learning
gradually to accept my companionship and purr when I give him grass, etc.
He has a very bad infected scent gland.   The vet put him on to Flagyl and
Metacam for around 3 weeks, and in that time I noticed a difference in
Treacle's eating habits.   So I stopped the Flagyl & Metacam, and within a
few days he was back to normal.  I have tried a number of things to try to
bring the pus to its head, but nothing works.  I'd say because he sits in
his feedbowl, he probably got something sharp stuck in there and it's
infected his skin.   I don't believe it's gone inside him.   I occasionally
try to manually expel the pus, and I got quite a bit out of him today.   I
don't do this every day as it does hurt him and I don't want to lose his
trust and love.    I did try using a drawing agent, betadine, but nothing
worked.  The vet said don't do that.... it would hurt him.    But the vet's
medicine didn't cure Treacle, so I'm doing what I think is best for my baby
and not going to put him through traumas of surgery or stuff like that at
his age.    He's going to continue to be happy, gentle, eating his favourite
grass (funnily enough called guinea grass!) and occasionally I was clear
what pus has accumulated to give him some relief.    He does have impacted
anus problems, I clear him 3 times a day.   Both sides of his anus get
impacted so he's always quite full in that area.   Lucky mummy adores him
and as a mother can do anything to keep my babies happy.


Sooty is same as usual.    Instead of impacted anal problems, his poos don't
come out as pellets, just great slops.  The vet found no evidence of
coccidiosis.   He was on Baytril for a few weeks, and managed to do pellets
during that time, but once I stopped the Baytril, out came the sloppy poos.
I've learnt (so has he) to live with it, I keep him clean, comfortable, full
of veges (he will not and never has touched timothy hay, and on a blue moon
he sometimes eats green grass.       He continues to suffer from sinusitis
(like master, like slave).  I am on constant vigil making sure he's not in
any draughts and not cold, etc.     I give my whole life to my boys, of whom
I am well pleased, and so grateful to our Lord above for guiding me and
helping me, and always being with me.


I have not been in touch with you all for such a long time, but still keep
up to date with the GPDD as best I can.   It's been a very tough year for me
keeping my boys alive and happy.   They are at the forefront of my mind all
the time.   I can never drive just to town without my eyes scanning both
sides of the roads in case there is some guinea grass for them.     It was
so hard through winter when the guinea grass was not growing, and neither
was any other grass.    To keep my boys happy, both mentally and tummily has
been hard, as I still suffer serious ill health myself.  


I hope all of you in the GPDD are happy, and your masters are also happy.
I miss the constant contact I used to have, but my life has been too hard,
busy, sad, sick to keep up with it all, let alone keep in contact with you
more often.     But I still love you my friends, and I know you are always
going to be there for me when I need you most.   I am blessed in so many


Hello Jaime!!!!     Bye Jaime!!!!


Love to all,

Julie, Kimba, Treacle, Sooty   J


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