[Gpdd] Health: charlie has started eating

chrisburton07 at ovi.com chrisburton07 at ovi.com
Sun Oct 5 09:13:35 EDT 2014

Still no symptom clue as to why chalie stopped eating but thiis afternoon he is eating not normallly but better than his attemt yesterday. He is eating a bit  of grass and dandelions and purrs when i fetch it. A little timothey hay and less pellets. I grated apple and carrot . Ate a tiny bit.snatched a small carrot of me but didnt chew it.am still syringing water and recovery. He hasnt attempted to drink yet. It seems  as if the syringe feed or just water stimulates him to try for himself.pleased he is happier but  will have to see if the vet discovers  what ails him tomorro.archie is fine. We send our love and heartfelt wishes  to ailing pigs, poorly slaves and worried slaves. This  is my first piggy crisis, especially a relativly young  one just three and a half.have been pouring over the archives and guinea lynx and am grateful for imformation out there on syringe feeding and how much water.. Constant state of worry about bloat! U no how it is! Luv chris  charlie and archie 

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