[Gpdd] HEALTH: UPDATES ON KIMBA, SOOTY & TREACLE - to keep Jaime happy!!

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 6 16:27:43 EDT 2014

Julie, thank you for the updates on Kimba, Sooty, and Treacle.  It is so 
great that Kimba is over six, and Sooty and Treacle are almost six.  We 
know how much work you've done to keep them well, and we know they 
appreciate it.  We hope that Treacle's infected scent gland will be much 
better soon; we are sorry that the Flagyl and Metacam upset his eating.  
We wish we had some suggestions of what to do, but perhaps others can 
help.  We also know he appreciates your help with his impaction.

It is good to hear that Sooty does not have coccidiosis, but we're sorry 
he still has sloppy poops.  We wish he liked timothy hay, because that's 
one thing we would recommend for the poops.  Perhaps he would eat a bit 
of alfalfa hay?  Our E.B. White bunny (RIP) hated hay for literally 
years until I began to work with him to eat alfalfa.  Once he decided 
that was good, he began to eat other hays, such as timothy, and I 
stopped the alfalfa.  We also hope Sooty's sinusitis (and yours) will 

Please don't forget to take care of yourself.  We are sorry you are 
having health problems, and you and your boys are certainly in our 
thoughts and prayers.

Cindy, Ethan, and Eddie

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