[Gpdd] Health - merrie and rufus

Rachel Koo koo.rachel at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 05:07:27 EDT 2014

Hello Penny!

Hope you and yours are all in the best of health and the renovation is
going along swimmingly!

The wounds on Rufus' rump have closed.  The swellings seem to have
subsided, except for a couple of tiny areas where it is still hard. I don't
know if that is scar tissue. It doesn't seem to hurt him when I press down.
I just apply silvazine ointment daily all round the area and hope for the

I did seriously contemplate keeping cody. It was hard to send him back to
the shelter. But life with me would not have been ideal. He would have been
in a separate cage. And because mine is not a c&c cage, he wouldn't be able
to see rufus and Merrie unless I put them together. And I think rufus
doesn't want to have anything to do with cody for a long time.  The holes
in his rump were huge.

Luckily, I have a friend who was looking for a guinea pig for her family at
that time. Cody would be the only pig in the house, but my friend loves
guinea pigs, and she has two sons who were very keen to own one. So cody
has gone to stay with them. He is showered with attention,  I am told. And
has been renamed as Mister Potato.

I am trying out a few homeopathic meds on Merrie and will let everyone know
if they work, in case anyone else has the same problem with their piggies.


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