[Gpdd] MISC Friends saying Hi.

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 04:59:31 EDT 2014

I have so enjoyed hearing from dear GPDD friends who have not been in touch
for a long time.

To Lynn. I am so sorry that you managed to trip over your guide dog just
when you were beginning to feel good again. I sincerely hope that you are
on the mend from your injuries and that Callie is doing well too.

To the misfits. Congratulations to Lazarus on achieving the remarkable age
of 7. It is a time of much rejoicing here if one of my Piggyfriends gets
there. Many of my herd are getting on now. We have two who are 6, whose
celebrations were on the Undercover Piggies blog ( thanks for your comment
Jean ) and many others in their 5th. year. Every day with them is precious.
I am very sorry to read that Andy has been laid off work and hope that he
will be able to find a new job soon. ( paws crossed ).

To Dee and Joe. What a shock to read that you have been hit by the dreaded
breast cancer and a huge relief to know that you are recovering now. June
has done well getting over her surgery and I hope that Zoe has many more
happy days. It is a blessing that our little ones do not know how sick they
are and only worry about when the next meal will be delivered. Glad to know
that Joe is fine and able to care for you all.

Hello to Kathy, Candy and Cocoa.

Hi to Leah and Bertie. Like Jean, we always enjoyed seeing your piggies'
special photos.

And hi to Steve and Ginger. I am sorry that Bumper, Brownie and Cuddles
have left you for the Rainbow Bridge and I hope that, when the time is
right, more little piggies will come to be pampered by such wonderful
Slaves and that we will hear from you again.

I hope that we will be reading posts from more dear friends. Even if you
have no news to report, a hello is always good to read.

Finally a plug for our "Chaos at Piggyfriends" story. Episode 4 is now on
the blog. Many thanks Mieke. Episode 5 is under construction amidst the
noise and dust. The piggies, most of whom  say "Brrrrr" and run away if
there is a little tinkling noise like a spoon rattling in a teacup, don't
care at all about the pneumatic drill and the hammering but carry on
eating. See them at.......


Love to you all. Take care everyone and everypig.

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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