[Gpdd] [Misc.] Another "Hi" from the missing

Audrey Binder agbmcmd at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 3 13:50:16 EDT 2014

So good to hear from our friends, so I'll add mine to it.  Still pigless in Maryland, but I always read the GPDD and look forward to hearing from everyone.  So sad to read when one of our own is doing poorly, both masters and slaves.  My condolances to those who have lost a little one.  I work and go to Florida regularly to take care of my elderly parents.  They are still hanging in there, but every day is difficult for them - it's why I am pigless.  My job is actually my reprieve.  I miss having a pig, but like to read the GPDD and feel "connected". Give a piggie a kiss for me!
(missing Gordon and Reese)

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