[Gpdd] Health: Clover's progress

Sandra Oliver-Poore warmbreath at comcast.net
Sun Sep 7 02:11:38 EDT 2014

Hi Anneli,   I'm so glad Clover is hanging in there. If I could offer a
suggestion it would be to clip the hair back on the affected foot/leg up
till way past the infected area. You need to be able to easily see the
injury/infection and so does the vet. Don't shave it just clip it with
scissors.  If it's not open at ALL maybe warm soaks would help but not if
the skin is broken. I would wait for some of the others to chime in before
taking this suggestion. Either way the general area should be kept clean and
it's hard to do that with a gimpy long haired piggie.   Remember I'm not a

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