[Gpdd] MISC.: just checking in, to Jaime

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 13 14:15:19 EDT 2014

Jaime, we're glad to hear from you; thanks for checking in.  Please know 
that you and Cody will be in our prayers.  We're so sorry to hear that 
he isn't yet crawling, talking, and so on, and we hope that his therapy 
will soon begin to show progress.  Please know, too, that we on the 
Digest understand how you feel about wanting to be around animals.  No, 
you aren't screwed up; you have an open and loving heart, and you loved 
and love Mimi so much.  Missing her is very natural, though of course 
painful.  Maybe very soon in the future you will be able to foster or 
adopt a piggie.  Healing wheeks and wishes are heading your way.

Cindy, Ethan, and Eddie

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