[Gpdd] HEALTH: Angel and possible bumblefoot

ME me at buddies.org
Mon Sep 15 00:28:06 EDT 2014

My vet prescribes sulfatrim for bumblefoot because of the possibility of secondary infection.  The main treatment is foot soaks in very warm water with several drops of chlorhexidine (an antiseptic) at least once a day for 5-10 minutes (or as long as the piggie will take it).  I've had two piggies afflicted with the condition and both actually welcomed the soaks after we got the routine down and would soak 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes.  I also applied Slivadene twice a day to impede infection ... it had the added bonus of softening the skin, making it less likely to crack.

Both of my piggies that got it recovered, though the first took several months (sulfatrim was only given for 1-2 weeks, Silvadene for about a month until the scab was small, soaks until it was gone for a couple weeks, just to make sure).  I caught the second one early and it only took a couple weeks (I actually didn't give her sulfatrim as the condition wasn't bad ... she just got the foot soaks and Slivadene).  Both had fast growing calluses, so now I keep all calluses properly trimmed.

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