[Gpdd] HEALTH Update on Callie.

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 08:27:07 EST 2015

Such good news that you have found a good guinea vet. It is a shame that
she has not learned how to look at and clip molars without using an
anaesthetic. All vets should learn this as it is so much safer for the
piggy but at least she knows lots about piggies and is not too far away
from your home. If Callie's incisors were too long, it may be indicative of
a problem with her molars but if she is not eating by herself, they are
likely to overgrow. I was always having to clip my dear old Gulliver's
incisors as he was a long term syringe feeder ( although he would clear up
a dish of syringe mix or mashed banana by himself.)

The finest shampoo for piggies is Vet Sect Repel. Why it is not sold in the
US is a mystery to me but if you take a look at Ann's Piggyville pages, she
has details of the second best. Read the section near the bottom of this


Keep up the syringe feeding and do try Daktarin Oral Gel. A piggy with a
sore mouth is reluctant to eat and it is harmless to try even if not needed.

All the best.

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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