[Gpdd] MISCELLANEOUS: Personal Crisis, Joanne

julie johnson juliejohnson12 at bigpond.com
Fri Jul 17 07:48:44 EDT 2015

Dear Joanne,


I am so very sorry to read of your husband's stroke.   I am praying that
with lots of medical care, time and possibly some rehabilitation, that he
will improve and be back to his usual self.   It is such a worrying time for
you both, all you can do is wait.  Try to remain positive yourself so you
can transfer your positivity to your husband so he fights himself back to
where he used to be.    His recovery won't be overnight,  but never let him,
nor yourself, give in, keep fighting because there are so many instances
worldwide where people suffering a stroke recover enough to be back to their
old selves.  It seems as if rehab is the most important part of the
treatment for recovery once the immediate serious medical issues are


I pray that you both come out fully recovered soon and back to your normal
daily lives.


Best wishes to you both,

Julie from downunder


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