[Gpdd] [MISC] Rodentologists in OZ

Ann Evans ann.evans at hintlink.com
Sun Jul 19 12:25:22 EDT 2015

Dear Julie,

I am a Cambridge Cavy Trust, CCT, trained rodentologist. But operating a 
sanctuary for medically needy guinea pigs for over 30 years has been my 
most important teacher. It is a very difficult and expensive 
undertaking. I became a rodentologist so that I could train my local vet 
how to care for my guinea pigs. But as a scientist I have experience 
training medical doctors and veterinary doctors. Believe me it has not 
been an easy task, but for me but it has been the only way I can have a 
cavy savvy vet nearby. There are very few vets who want to be trained 
here in the USA. It may be different in Australia. One of the things 
that drives me crazy about "exotic vets" is that they do not have the 
specialized training, tools or drugs that are required for treating 
guinea pigs. Basically they can call themselves exotic vets if they have 
taken one course on guinea pigs.

Yes the Cambridge Cavy Trust still holds courses on cutting
piggies' teeth without using anesthesia? This topic is also covered in 
their book. The thing is you have to go to England to take the course. 
Like anything in life practice makes perfect. Dentistry requires 
expensive specialized tools. I have taught many vets and piggy owners 
how to do dentistry without anesthesia. Laura Humphreys now of Guinea 
Pig Magazine www.guineapigmagazine.com was one of my CCT trainers. She 
may be able to guide you to finding out if their are any Australian 
rodentologists. Her email is lauragpm at hotmail.co.uk

My advice to you is to first find a vet who would be willing to read The 
Official Guide to Guinea Pig Diagnostics, Surgery, Medication and 
Welfare by Vedra Stanley Spatcher. It can be ordered from The British 
Association of Rodentologist 
The cost is 44 GBP plus 16.32 postage to Australia. That is 129 
Australian Dollars. Reading the book is just the first step. The vet 
needs to be willing to put the knowledge to use. As we all know change 
is difficult for everyone but not impossible. I would not advise 
starting a rescue but once you have a willing vet adopt 2 piggys from a 
rescue. Then you will have two cuddly, fluffy piggys to snuggle with.


Ann and the Rescued Piggys of Piggyville, Tampa Florida USA.

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