[Gpdd] HEALTH Re Sloppy poops

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 05:44:21 EST 2015

First of all, Jean and Andy, thank you so much for taking in that little
boar in need. He will have the very best care and attention as one of the

Sandy has given you an excellent reply. I use acidophilus to put the good
bugs back and it won't hurt to give him your chosen probiotic anyway.

My Florence suddenly developed sloppy poo some time ago for no reason. She
had not been on antibiotics and was in otherwise good health. My
Rodentologists suggested giving her only hay and dried food for three days
and then reverting to veggies, continuing this until, hopefully, she was
cured, I also had to give her bran on the dry food days. I bought some
bran, followed their instructions, and, after a while, it started to work.

She adored the bran but was not keen on being separated from her group but
we persevered and it worked ( although I cheated a little and gave her a
small piece of her favourite carrot on the dry days as I felt so sorry for

When she was able to go back with her group, I carried on putting a bowl of
bran in her pen and her friends ate it too. The pigs in the adjoining pens
noticed that their neighbours were getting something new and were so busy
whiskering at the dividing wires that I gave them a dish of bran too. Now I
have several Piggyfriends who enjoy a dish of bran and my new boys Cosmo
and Casper arrived being already used to eating this at the rescue so they
get a dish too. Not all the piggies care for it but for those who do, it is

Now I mentioned bran to our member Pat of the Prairie Pigs and she did not
know what it was so I sent her a photo and she thought that it looked like
something she called spelt. So, if you are unfamiliar with "bran" maybe
Pat's name for it will help. Anyone else have a different name for bran?

Hope your new boy is soon producing lovely boar sized poo. What is his name?

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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