[Gpdd] health: sloppy poos

ANDREW SILL jaggs4 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 8 18:34:58 EST 2015

Thank you Penny for the idea of bran:) I eat raisin brand for breakfast. I wonder if that is the same thing? He started to do a few normal poos but still slips in a messy one in there so we are on the right path i think.His name is Ethan. That is what I call him anyway. His name at the shelter was Kevin.He is just a sweet boy. He caught my heart right away. Since I have lost my dear sweet Lazarus, I have been in a funk. so little Ethan has filled a void that my Lazarus left me with.  I know I have many pigs... but as you know each one comes with his own personality and was just missing my Laz when little Ethan came in to the herd needing my help.So thank you everyone for helping with Ethan. We will get him fixed up I just know it.thank you,Jean

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