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pat schuett bunzella at yahoo.ca
Mon Nov 9 13:20:24 EST 2015

Hi Jean,
>From the picture Penny sent me, English bran is not quite the same as what we call bran in North America --- it was a much bigger flake (more the size of regular rolled oats) and not that even medium brown color (it was sort of variegated, with some parts lighter and some darker).  Her bag just said "bran" on it, so we never did figure out exactly what it might translate into for North America.  What it most looked like in my experience was something I have seen in health food stores here --- spelt flakes, which I believe is the whole spelt grain rolled and flattened into a flake.
Fortunately, it does sound as if you and little Ethan are on the right track --- maybe some of his digestive problem was just stress and will resolve as he settles in.  Something I have also had success with for soft poos, and which is recommended by my trusty "Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs" book, is the weed Shepherd's Purse; thanks to my somewhat haphazard gardening style, I have a fair bit of this here and there in my yard and the piggies love it!
I have also had that experience of grieving for a lost piggy friend and being lifted out of it by the need to care for a new piggy who appears just at the right moment.  It always feels to me as if the piggy I have lost sees me grieving from the Bridge and decides to send me a little messenger to teach me all over again that there is still joy to be had in life. 
Welcome, Ethan --- you are a lucky boy to have been chosen to become a Misfit!
Pat and the Prairie Pigs

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