[Gpdd] MISC Bran

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 13:53:23 EST 2015

I wish that I could post the photo of bran that I took for Pat on the

Second best is a link to an image on the internet. Try this link.


If it doesn't work, I'll transfer my photo to Photobucket or send the photo
to you, Jean and Ethan.

Bran in England is a fine, light brown, flaky substance and is primarily
sold in sacks for horses but a local pet store sells it loose. I think
that, mixed with hot water, it is used for buns. I just put it as it comes
in a dish for the piggies. It looks most unappetising but those who like it
clear the dish. Those who don't, totally ignore it.

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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