[Gpdd] HEALTH- chaka piedra

Ronald Zimmerman rzm.2 at verizon.net
Thu Nov 12 01:08:08 EST 2015

 Here is some info on chaka piedra from an old post that I saved:
Friends,Luckily, I have never had a pig with bladder stones, but someone on Facebook wrote the info below.? Is this true?? Has anyone ever heard of this?? If it is a cure, wouldn't that be great?!? Thanks, Joanne and her NY Herd

I urge all bladder stone prone pig owners to Google Chanca Piedra...it is a homeopathic tincture available on line or in some nicer grocery store's homeopathic departments...it has literally saved the lives of three of my pigs over the years...it has to be mixed with water according to the size of the pig (my pigs are approx 2lbs...so I mix 3 DROPS in an oz of water)...I then administer 3 syringes (.9) 3x a day for a pig exhibiting early symptoms (pink urine)...within 3 days (average) the pink is gone...I continue that dosage for 5-6 weeks...then pull back and give 1 syringe a day maintenance to prevent further issues...while this is not a replacement for vet treatment in the case of a lodged stone, it may just prevent the situation from getting to that point....(I have no financial ties to this product...it has just been a Godsend for me and my piggles...)?
Sorry so late:~Jaime~

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