[Gpdd] Gpdd (Misc) (All change really is good!)

Ellen Garrison guineamom88 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 14 04:43:11 EST 2015

Hi friends,
It may not seem like it, but change is a good thing.I am no longer working at the place I have been working at for almost 19 years, and just found out for the next year we will have a program here at UH Maui College, for veterinary assisting, and I am so happy.I want to work helping animals...not in a hotel, (where they just kept adding more and more multitasking to me and others). I realized I have been miserable they're for a long time,.leaving has been way overdue.I am relieved.BTW, Penny, thank you for the info on English bran.this used interesting. I give my piggies (I have 5 now), the new bunny, and the two chinchillas, a treat of rolled oats about once a week, but never tried bran yet. This is wheat bran, I believe, you're talking about.That is good for people too. I may be trying that, as well, for all of us. Just in small amounts, everything in moderation.I wish the best for all of you.Love,Ellen

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