[Gpdd] Gpdd (Rainbow Bridge) Petra

Ellen Garrison guineamom88 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 29 03:33:10 EST 2015

Another little piggy has joined the ones at the bridge. I felt sad because I know I will sentimentally remember the 3 girls Petra, Roxie, and Bernie, together. And miss the way that felt.
Yet, realistically, there is no such thing as endedness or death.
We are eternal beings!
And animals have an easier times than humans when it comes to transitioning to the bridge.
No one ever really dies.
If only all society would know this.
I have spouted enough. I actually have time to do things now.
But I can't take in any more piggies right now!
I still have 4, + 2 chinchillas and a beloved bunny.  Then, the feral/homeless felines...They are all my beloveds.
Petra had bleeding from her female bits, and I don't know if it was from cystitis, stones, or what...
The other day, I had noticed what I thought was something else that can look like blood, can't recall name they call it, something I read in guinea lynx, and vets know what it is...something not serious. So I just didn't give it much thought.

I have had so much going on, my mind has been on overload. The job I had was "major overload" and overwhelming. I have been not able to even think. Just crazy...I need time to re-group.  Multitasking is NOT healthy!!
Well then today, I spent the whole day assist-feeding Petra. She looked bloated so first I thought it was that. I gave her a dose of cisapride. Eventually she didn't want critical care nor water. 
I have her .02 mL of children's Ibuprofen, as directed by Ann Evans.
This called her and took her out of pain. I was scourging Piggy Potions, then went on Peter Gurney online, to try to find a remedy, and by then she was gone.
I let the other piggies know she is in the light going to the bridge.  I let them see her. Animals are much more accepting than people and I truly believe humans project so much of their own emotional stuff onto the animals, and make it look like it's the animals emotional stuff, when it's really the humans emotional stuff.
So there, I said it. I just rejoined Firefox, and my Firefix password is a tribute to Petra. Creating a password in her memory, opened my heart and mended it, and I don't have to feel heartbroken unless I chose to, which I don't.
Oh and I can't help but think, my mom died the day after Thanksgiving, on Black Friday, 7 years ago...my niece the Tuesday after Thanksgiving...
Listen to this, guys...
 Mom despised shopping. So what a day for her to go out of the physical world, on the biggest shopping day of the year in the US.
She would say,  "they are only trying to get you to buy something".  Right! She was almost always right. But sometimes being a hothead kid, I didn't want to listen. I had to find out myself. I COULDN'T LIVE VICARIOUSLY.
Mom grew up in poverty in the Great Depression. She learned to save. 
I learned to spend, but now, however, I feel her presence, and learn from what she did tell me. Save things you might need tomorrow. Savour them. Waste not, want not.
I have said enough. I feel the animals love - and that is what makes me happy. Petra is with my mom now, my dad now, etc. etc. etc. And they are at peace. You just gotta find a way to have FAITH.
Love cannot die. It is the universal thread.

>From Ellen, with Bernie, Roxie, Lowell, Fiji, Taffy, ZoeyLee, Kiwi Ka'i, and the many feral felines, in memory of the many others at the bridge

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