[Gpdd] MISC - 10 year old guinea pig

Andy Mills andy.mills at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 30 12:03:56 EST 2015

Hi, haven't posted in ages but thought this may interest some people.  I 
was at a hamster show in Wiltshire, UK at the weekend.  I was in my 
element, lots of animals around to look and and loads of animal talk 
going on.  Me and my friend were talking to some people there and one 
said she's got a guinea pig who is 10 years old and still active and 
very talkative.  I know it's possible for piggies to live this long but 
I've only heard of it happening once or twice, they really are the 
exception.  I don't know whether there is anybody here on this group now 
who has had a piggy live this long, I know years ago there was one 
called Prince who was very old but I can't remember his exact age when 
he finally went.  Would be interesting to know if anyone here has had 
such a lucky piggy.

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