[Gpdd] Announce:Re two new Piggyfriends

Piggyfriends48 piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 17:25:17 EDT 2016

Dear Christine, Charlie and Archie,

Thank you for the welcome for my two new little girls. They are dear little poppets, who sit and wait for me to pick them up for cuddles.

It is such a shame that many vets cannot perform dental work like the rodentologists. All that needs to be done to clean out the mouth is a swab round with a cotton bud or two and to have the correct little implements to hold a piggy mouth open for a short while. I am very lucky to have Lyn at Palace Piggies, who has this skill now that my long standing rodentologists have retired.

More photos soon.

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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