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Ellen Garrison guineamom88 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 15 03:03:12 EDT 2016

Hi everyone,

Just want to share my condolences for Mieke that you had to let go of Roos in this world, and help her to Rainbow Bridge.
This is late, but I still wanted to let you know I am sorry for your loss.  I had 2 pigs with stones. 
It seems when one doesn't know the rodentology of cavies, it's more difficult than if one has a preventative supplement plan.
I am using reverse osmosis (R.O.) water for my 5 piggies 99.9999999% of the time! Dasani and Aquafina bottled water is R.O. water, and so is Target water.  I don't know what else really helps with stones but just a lot of water and at least 25 mg of vitamin C daily.  There is the Niagara massage pad, that Ann Evans has suggested and has used, and the oily stuff which now I don't recall the name which is manufactured for people with stones.  I got the Niagara pad and used it for Cocoa, but I was falling asleep with him on it~ and he would come out of his hidey hut and nibble the edges of the pad. The pad I got from ebay, but there are other online places in which to purchase a Niagara massage pad.
The one i got is old, and I may have to toss it and eventually get another, but with it, and the oily stuff, it's supposed to help with the stones. Ann Evans if you are here, do you recall what those oily ampules are called? Also I think there is something about it on her website, Piggyville?
(Hello to Ann Evans, incidentally!)
I send condolences out anyway, to Mieke, and to anyone who has lost piggies...they are at the bridge now...
Ellen with Bernie, Lowell, Roxy, Fiji, Pinky, Taffy, Zoey and Kiwi

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