[Gpdd] MISC: Final part of Halloween Story

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 1 20:43:57 EDT 2016

November 1st started off cloudy and breezy. Many of the elder pigs didn't want to get out of their hay beds once the curtains were drawn. Eventually, all pigs shook off their sleepiness and started grazing on the fresh grass laid out for breakfast. "What are we doing again today?" Raani asked. "We are having a day," Oliver said. "We remember all those who have gone before us." "Where did they go?" Raani asked. She was still young and wasn't sure what the group was talking about this morning. "Oh sweetie," Puff said. "At some point, pigs go to the rainbow bridge and wait for everyone there." "Oh." Raani shook her head. "OK I still don't get it, but OK."
When the grass was eaten and not a blade was left, the pigs filed into the mini van for ride to the dock again. Avalanche told them on the ride that a large party boat had been rented for them for today's ride. They had to get a large boat because there was going to be soooo much food that several tables had to be set up to hold all the platters. "Is there really going to be be that much food?" Pakora asked. "You are making me hungry now just thinking about it!" "Me too, me too!" Derby and Alberta said in unison. Carmac started to say me too as well but his tummy made a very loud gurgle instead. Andrea laughed out loud and when Carmac turned to look at her, she put her head down and said "Sorry." Otto and Angelina snickered but covered their mouths with their paws. R.B. told the group that El Dia del Los Muertos (the day of the dead) was a celebration over 3000 years old. He then told them that even though humans originated the celebration, the pigs would start their own special day of remembrance and celebrate it in their own way - with food!
They arrived at the dock and a very large boat was waiting. It was decorated with pumpkin lights and orange and black streamers, continuing the Halloween theme. When the pigs all got aboard the boat, they oohed and aahed over the food. There were hallowed out mini-pumpkins with grass, fruits, veggies, and special snacks. Roisin and Niamh grabbed mini-pumpkins stuffed with grass, Sugar and Cinnamon found ones with tiny graham crackers. Louis and Henry found the little baskets with assorted spring green leaves and Waikiki dragged a basket to a quiet corner to eat. Pumpkin thought it was funny to carry around a mini-pumpkin and introduce it to other pigs as "Mini-me." Alfred found one filled with berries.
After snacking was done, the pigs were asked to go outside on deck. It finally was sunny and warm. All around the boat was calm water and above very blue skies. "Ahem," Oliver said. "We are going to celebrate those that have gone before us to the rainbow bridge now. Please, do not say names out loud, but rather close your eyes and remember them as only you can." All pigs immediately closed their eyes and started to remember friends and cagemates. Allie sniffed and Ethan patted her back. Some of the youngest pigs weren't sure what they were remembering, but closed their eyes and stayed quiet. Once several minutes passed, Puff said "All right. I think we all have some very fond memories. Now let's play some music to lighten up the mood." She clapped her paws and a door opened for the pigs to enter another room. When they entered, there was a large dance floor and music. Otto and Angelina went out on the floor first, held paws and started dancing. Soon after, most pigs joined them on the floor. A few were too shy to ask another pig to dance, and some just needed to rest. Cosmo and Casper asked Nacho and Salsa to dance. Lulu and Mimi got up some courage after a healthy snack and asked Willie and Tate to dance with them. Billy had saved some moonshine and gave a sip to Ralphy Lauren who then asked Alaska. Louis and Henry asked Peaches and Tijger out on the floor. The dancing continued (and so did the snacking) for a few hours. Finally, when the last dance was done, and the food was all eaten or tucked away for later, the boat docked. 
A boat load of tired pigs alighted on the shore and got into the mini van. Several slept on the way to the airport. PigAir was waiting for them on the tarmac. Sleeping pigs started to wake and realize it was time to go home. They were both happy to be going home but also a little bit sad because their fun time was ending. Hugs, kisses, wheeks, and emails were exchanged. All said they would keep in touch and follow the Undercover Agents online. Several said they would send secret messages via the GPDD when their parents weren't looking. As the pigs went up the ramp to PigAir, Avalanche shook paws, asking them to all come back next year. "Don't worry, I'll start working on my mommy tomorrow about that." 

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