[Gpdd] HEALTH - Floyd URI

Rachel Koo koo.rachel at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 05:40:38 EST 2016

Rufus went thru a stubborn bout of pneumonia in may and then it reappeared
recently last month.

The first round, we went to the vet and did rounds of bactrim, baytril,
combined baytril and another antibiotic. And the awful loud breathing
sounds continued.  He didn't lose too much weight. But he certainly wasn't
eating as much as he normally did. And it was all even more worrying as he
is diabetic.

I made him breathe in steam from hot water topped with essential oils.  I
nebulised him. And there was hardly any improvement.

Then I did something unorthodox. I got some essential oils from hopewell
essential oils and rubbed it on his chest and the soles of his hind paws.
And there was significant improvement almost immediately. I used their oil
mix called Bacteria Top Gun, diluted in a carrier oil. He got completely
well in a week or so after the first application, but I kept up with the
essential oils for a while.

When he suffered another round last month, I did not being him back to the
vet as I didn't want him to take more antibiotics that were also unlikely
to work.  But the Bacteria Top Gun although it seemed to help, it didnt
cure him. Eventually, he did improve.  I am not sure what really helped
though. I did use a eucalyptus oil mix called Breathe Easy from Young
Living. And I fed him drops of alcohol free echinacea tincture. He seems
well now. But all these treatments are unorthodox and I don't know of
anyone else who has tried them. I have currently put him on an alcohol free
propolis tincture to build up his immune system.


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